1. Keep people in your life who truly love you, motivate you, and make you happy. If you know people who do none of these things, let them go.
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everything you love is here


    everything you love is here

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    yea sex is pretty good but have u ever taken a nap with someone

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    i think i’m in love and i’m scared as fuck

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  9. When you smile, I melt inside
    I’m not worthy for a minute of your time
    I really wish it was only me and you
    I’m jealous of everybody in the room
    Please don’t look at me with those eyes
    Please don’t hint that you’re capable of lies
    I dread the thought of our very first kiss
    A target that i’m probably gonna miss

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    Do you ever just want to kiss someone so bad that you just cant focus on anything but how their lips might feel moving against yours and how great it would be to hold them close and cover their face in little bitty kisses until you two are both giggling messes

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